Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sakai videocall status update

Some days ago a functional version of videocall feature was installed on a University of Murcia QA server.

It's just an alpha version. Although some functionalities are missing, it's ready to maintain some video calls concurrently between members.

What's yet implemented:
  • Users can call / answer and hang up video calls from/to other +WebRTC  compatible browser.
  • Users can see which users can do a video call with a +WebRTC compatible browser.
  • Users can establish up to 4 connections concurrently with a perfect time response (no more were tested)

  • User can maximize an restore a video call window.
  • User can disable his video status to not receive video calls offers.
  • Administrator can configure if the video call feature is enabled or not
  • Administrator can configure the list of stun / turn servers used to determine under which NAT type are the users.
  • Tested on Chrome, Chrome Beta for android and Firefox aurora.

Next to be implemented:
  • Nicer video setup process (Now, we believe that it's so direct and people get confused with browser permission request).
  • User should choose if he wants to start a video or just an audio call.
  • User should be able to mute audio and stop video during a conversation.
  • Pop up option mechanism to unlink the conversation from the main portal screen to another empty one. That way user could keep navigating on sites and tools.
  • Ensure the interoperability across the other browsers, as soon as they become WebRTC compatible