Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sakai Video Plugin Test Fest

Finally we got an stable version of Sakai video chat plugin based on WebRTC . We had to solve some details to work in a cluster environment but finally we can offer you a release candidate.

Now, our intention is to know if that feature can be included on the main Sakai code, for this reason we prepared a TEST fest to achieve to purposes:

- Get any bug we missed.
-  Enable the Sakai community to test that functionality. That would help Sakai CLE members to decide if it would be interesting to put in the trunk on not.

We prepared a Sakai site at University of Murcia's QA server with the instruction to complete a test of functionalities of video calls.

If you want to participate, you must create an account at here, and join to the Test Video Chat Test site. There, you will find the instructions we wrote there. You will see that in that site you will find a sign-up tool to coordinate the availability of people to test each other.

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