Monday, August 10, 2015

Writing a game

Today I got the first review for a game I wrote at . Build this game was an excuse to learn all about publishing and promote an app.

The first phase of "The Cursed Windmill" was try to build and publish the game spending less than 25 hours. You'll see for the results that an ugly but addictive game can be written, but if you want something more elaborated I think that lot of time should be spent on graphics design, UX, etc...
I spend around 12 hours to write the code and test with some friends to give the game the touch of playability needed to be addictive. The rest of hours were spent on drawing the definitive sprites, selecting sounds, advertisement accounts, publishing staff (take screenshots,  write descriptions, ...).

Now I'm learning myself how to promote it and at the moment it's very discouraging. I realized that if I had a better game things would be easy, but it's not the goal. For now is only available for android > 4.4, but I'm thinking about porting to iOS.  Here is the dilema because I had to spend some money to get an iOS device and $99 developer account.

You can take a look at:

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